Global Climate Crisis in my Classroom (166)

2022/09/16 - 2022/09/30
2022/11/02 - 2022/12/21
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1 25 H - On Line 2022/11/02 2022/12/21 18:00-20:00 As-Og
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Megan Dooley

The Global Climate Crisis is no longer simply a theory propounded or contended by expeerts, but a recognised threat to our everyday lives and the future of our planet. Our students are aware of the changes taking placein the world around them, and evermore motivated to have their say in the great debate surrounding this thorny issue.
This course will gather literature from a range of sources – local, national and international, and propose a wide variety of activities for the classroom. We will draw on and work with students’ prior kowledge of the topic and expand their grasp of the English language through work on the four skills.
Cross-curricular project-based tasks, topic webs and BIG questions will be some of the threads we will be pulling together, paying attention to classroom issues such as language development, student-centred interaction patterns and reflection. We will try out a range of project outputs and their suitability at different stages of the study of the global climate crisis – digital and analogous, spoken and written, authentic and prepared, individual and group-produced.
Themes for consideration:
- United Nations SDGs
- History of global climate change – caurses and reasons
- Our globalised lifestyle and its effect on mankind and the natural world
- Water – too much and too little
- The economy of climate change
- Travel in times of climate crisis
- Alternative futures

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  • Gaitasun zientifikoa
  • Hitzezko eta hitzik gabeko komunikazioa eta komunikazio digitala
  • Ikasten eta pentsatzeko ikastea
  • Izaten ikastea
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  • Aditua IKTak erabiltzeko eta curriculumean integratzeko
  • Aditua gelan ikasteko prozesuak ikertzeko, berritzeko, garatzeko eta ebaluatzeko, praktikari buruzko hausnarketatik
  • Aditua ikasleak ikasteko prozesuan motibatzeko eta bizitzako proiektua eraikitzeko orientatzeko
  • Aditua lana EAEko hizkuntza ofizialetan, eta, hala behar izanez gero, atzerriko hizkuntzan garatzeko
  • Irakaskuntza-lanbidearen eta konpromiso sozialaren ikuspegi etikoa partekatzen du agente berritzaile gisa
  • Bigarren Hezkuntzako irakasleak
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The climate crisis is among the most pressing global issues right now. Therefore, tackling the topic in our classrooms has become a priority evidenced by European Green Deal action. This course will help teachers to understand and make sense of the scientific evidence behind the crisis and will explore how yhis topic be adressed through projects and other activities in the secondary classroom. main objectives will be: - Explore the basic science behind climate change. - Learn about the main consequences of the climate crisis. - Discover ideas, pedagogical practices and tools that can help to address the climate crisis and environmental sustainability in the classroom. - Figure out how to convey the relationship between our daily activities and the health of our environment. - Learn how to teach climate change across several subjects in a cross-curricular manner.
Ikastaroaren edukia

PBL and cross curricular projects
- Climate literacy.
- Sustainability and sustainable development:
- Resources to develop sustainability projects in the school and classroom.
- Literacy across the curriculum.
By the end of the course participants will have a substantial knowledge of different ICT tools they can integrate into this topic.
Some of the topics covered in this course will be:
-Strategies for developing creativity
-Creative warmers
-Motivating the unmotivated
-Technology and the creative teacher
-Teaching grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation creatively
-Language games
-Drama techniques
-Creative writing
-Materials design and bringing the coursebook to life
-Using music and songs


The course will be hands-on and interactive, enabling participants to be fully immersed in the subject matter. Different learning modalities and strategies will be used to deal with the most effective ways teachers can use to foster learning by modelling, scaffolding and helping students to construct understanding, with the eventual goal of becoming independent thinkers and problem solvers.
Participants will work collaboratively in synchronous sessions on /, actively contributing to the tasks related to the course contents to discuss how the examples, ideas and materials presented might be used to meet their objectives in their teaching contexts.
Participants will contribute to the class online site (Padlet) in order to build up a collaborative/collective online resource which will be useful after the course.
Participants will work through the course content according to a schedule by attending tutorial sessions organised through and completing related tasks in online forums e.g. and
Participants will reflect on their learning and produce a reflective task which will demonstrate how they can apply what they are learning to their own teaching situation.

Ebaluazioa eta eragina

The impact of the development action and its contribution to the quality of the participants own teaching as they transfer the skills and knowledge gained to their own classroom is evaluated at three levels:
Level 1 Reaction – feedback from participants mid and post course surveys
Level 2 Learning – Successful completion of class and forum tasks demonstrate how much of the desired principles, techniques, and skills participants have learnt.
Level 3 Behaviour- successful completion of the reflective task demonstrates that participants are or will apply their learning to their work.
The design of the learning experience aims to give participants direct experience of the skills they need to encourage in their own learners: to think critically, to analyze, to make inferences, to do web 2.0 -based co-operative work, independent learning and presentational skills. Our course design includes consideration of Special Educational Needs, multiple intelligences and gender awareness in teaching resources and activities.


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